Litigation Funding in legal actions

Welcome to the Liesker website, the Dutch market leader in litigation funding. Liesker provides litigation funding for all types of legal actions with a claim value starting from € 150,000. Only if the legal action is successful will Liesker receive a share of the proceeds from the lawsuit as payment. In this way you can litigate without any financial risk.

Our clients are companies and private individuals, bankruptcy trustees and claims organisations searching for a solution to the financing of the costs of a legal action. If Liesker finances your lawsuit, we will cover all your actual costs: the lawyer’s fees, the bailiff’s costs, the court fees and the fees of experts. By means of litigation funding, we can increase access to the courts and remove any inequality between the parties to the proceedings.

Applications for litigation funding can be submitted to Liesker at any time during   your legal action: upon commencement, halfway or on appeal. You can submit an application to us personally or through your lawyer. Your application for litigation funding will be assessed by the Liesker expert legal team, assisted – if necessary – by specialists in other fields of expertise. An application for litigation funding is free of charge at Liesker. Upon acceptance, your lawyer can conduct the legal action for you without the concern of unpaid invoices: Liesker provides the financial clout.